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  1. Possesses the knowledge and experience to solve difficult environmental problems.
  2. Offers quality equipment and systems supported by experienced factory sales and engineering staff.
  3. Provides ongoing engineering and attentive service.
  4. Attains and maintains air quality in the facility through a unique "air quality partnership" program.

An adept and proactive engineering staff assumes a partnership approach with all customers. This begins with an air quality inventory of the plant, followed by an engineering evaluation of air quality issues and an applicable solution. Subsequently, verification is provided to ensure performance meets the design specifications.

Bjerkan & Co., supports the solutions with high quality products as it represents top industry manufacturers and only those manufacturers committed to meeting a customer's needs.

It offers a "comprehensive package" strategy, supported by the previously stated points and complemented with an unequaled Air Quality Partnership. The Partnership leaves the attention-to-detail to Bjerkan & Co., and allows the customer to focus on its business -- manufacturing. Take a few minutes to learn more about the Air Quality Partnership described in Services & Accessories.

When a premium is placed on "green" and being environmentally friendly, Bjerkan & Co. must be your partner.


Exide Technologies
Salina, KS

MAHLE Engine Components Atlantic, IA

Hastings, NE

Ducommun AeroStructures
Parsons, KS

Monarch Cement
Humboldt, KS

Nestle-Purina Petcare
St. Joseph, MO

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